October Is Done And Dusted

Do you remember that dream I had in spring? That one with the voice saying: you have until October? It still scares the sh** out of me with Putin trying to get the cold war going again and most of humankind not understanding, that we are on the brink of extinction. So, I diligently sent…… Continue reading October Is Done And Dusted

Friday is on my mind

Good morning friends, how are you doing? I am fine considering the muddled mind and tiredness. Am just back from a rather cold walk with Sherky around the field. We just managed to get back in time before the water people outside started their work. The sewage system around here is being updated and they…… Continue reading Friday is on my mind

Horrid nightmares!

Hello all of you lovely bloggers! Well its 2:15 AM here in ireland, and I am wide awake, since I had an awful nightmare, about someone chasing me to kill me! I hate nightmares! 😦 But I don’t know anyone who likes them? ❤ So now I am awake and will make a cup of

Carol Annes good night poem, sweet dreams, everyone!

Well its midnight here in the emerald aisle! I’m off to bed, have therapy in the morning! I had a really great evening, which included a prechristmas drink, a pink gin! So I shall big you all good night, sweet dreams to you all! As my head Hits the pillow My mind Starts to slow