Good morning world

Yes, I know, I promised not to do another Eurovision Song Contest post but hey was that exciting last night. Sam Ryder the UK entry managed to win the Jury vote but the public voted for Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra and I think so they should have. Even though I wonder how they are going to…… Continue reading Good morning world

Just Some Happy Music

Hello, dear readers. May you have a happy Saturday despite everything. I promised you another Eurovision Song Contest Song post and this time I do not disappoint you 😂. Yesterday, I let you in on the diversity of music that takes part. You might wo der why countries outside geographical Europe are taking part. I…… Continue reading Just Some Happy Music

A Diverse Sound Of Beauty

Hi peeps, let’s have some fun, shall we? 😍 May is always a month when I feel terribly down and cheering up is soarly needed so I thought I make the case for the Eurovision Song Contest. Noooo, please, hear me out and give it a chance. 🤗 I know the prejudices of it being…… Continue reading A Diverse Sound Of Beauty

Who’s The Boss?

Blimey, can anyone remember that series? Or was I the only one who watched it? 🤗 Yes, Germany imported quite a ton of US sitcoms when private TV stations arrived in the 80’s and I always liked a good old patchwork-family story. They were dubbed though and I always wondered how the original voices might…… Continue reading Who’s The Boss?