Dare to Think & Dare to Feel

July 2020 I can’t add anything to this June 2017 Maybe this “Dare to feel” or “Dare to follow your gut instinct” is more important than ever. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ February 2011 This sentence was written in the 18th century by the famous German philosopher Emmanuel Kant. However, I ask myself if it is still up to date.…… Continue reading Dare to Think & Dare to Feel

Poetry. Scared stiff

Scared stiff to go to sleep To move an inch Scared stiff To make a sound To walk around This house feels So uninviting Scared stiff To be me To just be free Why do I Feel so terrified? Just scared stiff?To go to bed

Carolanne poetry prompt from Bee!

This week Bee has given me a wonderful prompt to write on. It is sand between my toes. So without further ado I give you my poem. walking on a beach white sand glistening softly it squishes between my toes I can feel it so delicate so soft, such a beautiful feeling I could walk