Something to make you giggle/Was zum Kichern

Happy Tuesday folks or if you live over the pond happy late Monday. Today I just give you this and hope you find it as hilarious as I do Mine is “Wish You Were here” “WE’RE JUST TWO LOST SOULS SWIMMING IN A FISH BOAT” 🤣 Video credit: Pink Floyd via YouTube 🇩🇪…… Continue reading Something to make you giggle/Was zum Kichern

Re-blog: Just wondering/Frage mich ja nur

July 22 The teenagers have flown but I still ask myself how we managed to grow up 🤣 August 2017 With two teenage kids at home, this topic is still important September 2011 Even if I wrote about that one before: Growing up is a tough business! There is group pressure, acne and rogue hormones…… Continue reading Re-blog: Just wondering/Frage mich ja nur

Winter Is Coming 😘

Just in case you do not know: I am a “Game of Thrones” fan. Not so much the series but certainly the books. Can you imagine how delighted I was when we had some snow this morning ? 🤣 Description for visually impaired readers: Two pictures in one: Left: part of fence and gate and…… Continue reading Winter Is Coming 😘

Can’t Stop Laughing…

Please, do not read if bad language offends you: No, I haven’t lost my mind at last. Instead we watched “Don’t Look Up”. If you haven’t heard of this comedy by film director Adam McKay yet it’s about this: a huge meteorite hurdles towards earth. Two scientists discover it and warn the US president who…… Continue reading Can’t Stop Laughing…

This one cracked me up this morning… video credit: Your Morning via YouTube Please share the last thing that really made you laugh. Please share it on your blog and leave me a comment with the link So I can come and pay you a visit. Feel free to ask your followers to do the same. Let’s share some fun at…… Continue reading This one cracked me up this morning…

Carol annes poetry challenge, from Bee…owed to my left big toe

Bee had a fun prompt for me this week. It is, owed to my left big toe. 😀 So here I go, lets see what I can come up with for this one! 😀 wiggle it just a little bit feel how it wiggles owed to my left big toe it gets me places I