Not Wanting To See/Nicht Sehen Wollen

Yesterday’s Holocaust Memorial Day quote brought back the realization of how easily we humans fall for propaganda. Many Germans after the war said “We didn’t know” but I assume what they meant was “We didn’t want to know,” because knowing is uncomfortable. Knowing asks us to act. Knowing asks for sacrifices of us. Knowing asks…… Continue reading Not Wanting To See/Nicht Sehen Wollen

Neighbours/ Nachbarn

🇬🇧 Good morning all, how are you on this new day? I hope only good things await you. I am busy with February’s “Love Is In Da Blog” event and still moving some boxes and other chores. Everything slowly feels like home especially as most people we meet are so happy we bring new life…… Continue reading Neighbours/ Nachbarn

Fog over the Hills

A month ago I shared this on my social media: Afternoon greetings from the foggy countryside Fog covers the hillsSome change on the horizonBreathing g in & out 🙋‍♀️ Nachmittagsgrüsse vom nebligen Land Nebel bedeckt die HügelIn Ferne VeränderungenEin- & Ausatmen

Chisseled to Beauty

Happy Saturday all, despite everything. A month ago I was sitting at the window with a coffee ☕ sending you all love & light . Take good care of yourselves These rocks lay heavyOn Earth’s flightChisseled to beauty 🏔 Schönen Samstag Euch, trotz Allem. Vor einem Monat sass ich mit einem Kaffee ☕ am Fenster…… Continue reading Chisseled to Beauty

Poem on Friday: Cassandra is Calling ~ Bi-lingual

April 2020 She definitely screams and shouts now 😔 Sometime in 2012 …. maybe even louder now! Cassandra is calling Cassandra is calling but Europa again falls for the bull.There is no new kingdom awaiting her though! Even lugubrious storm clouds are fleeing her countries! There is no hope for her ancient cities! But the…… Continue reading Poem on Friday: Cassandra is Calling ~ Bi-lingual

Frapalymo ist tod, lang lebe Frapalymo

Hallo liebe Frapalymoisten, wie Ihr alle wisst, hat @FrauPaulchen den Frapalymo und die Frapalywo im Frühjahr zu Ende gebracht. Neues steht für sie an und ich möchte Ihr an dieser Stelle nochmals innig danken für die vielen wundervollen und inspirierenden Impulse, die mich sehr viel gelehrt haben. Danke Dir Sophie. Ich kann sie gut verstehen,…… Continue reading Frapalymo ist tod, lang lebe Frapalymo

Happy Good News Tuesday to you All

Hi peeps, how are you doing? I hope life and this Tuesday is treating you well. Before we begin I am sharing yesterday’s bi-lingual poem with you that I shared on my social  media: This colour and buzzing opens my heart. Is there a future? Diese Farbe und das Summen oeffnen mein Herz. Gibt es…… Continue reading Happy Good News Tuesday to you All


clouds menacing our future?   clouds menacing our doing?   clouds menacing….     ☁️🌪️☁️     wolken bedrohend unsere zukunft?   wolken bedrohend unser tun?   wolken bedrohend…


green with envy more and more they promise us eternal bliss more and more but that is not how our universe works.   😳   gruen vor neid mehr und mehr sie versprechen uns ewige seeligkeit mehr und mehr aber so funktioniert unser universum nicht.