🌍Shared Vision🌏

Today I want to share a vision I have whenever I send my blessings out to our beloved planet and all you lovely people: I stand on a plateau on a sunny day. The air is clean. I look out on the land before me, that is in autumn colours full of ponds and little…… Continue reading 🌍Shared Vision🌏

Something Powerful For You

Hello out there, remember you rock!!!! Please never forget that you can manage anything life is throwing at you! Yes, you can! I have allowed myself some downtime in the last couple of days. While I do not have massive side-effects (yet…), they are still taking their toll, and I have promised myself to rest…… Continue reading Something Powerful For You

Merry christmas from Carol anne!

Hi all Just want to wish all of bee’s followers a merry Christmas! I hope you all have a great holiday! I have only been collaborating on this blog a short time. I am honoured to be able to do it! I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas season and a peaceful new year!