I stand with Iraq

Yes, it does not look like Iraq has gotten any peace since the US and its allies got in to eliminate terrorists. Strange that their actions have created more terrorism rather than less. Or maybe I am wrong? We are not hearing much about Iraq lately, are we? This first video is from 2014, but…… Continue reading I stand with Iraq

I Stand With Ethiopia

Happy Saturday despite everything. Today’s “I Stand With…” post might have a happy ending. Ethiopia has an interesting history being one of the few or maybe the only African country that did not fully become colonised despite Britain, Portugal and Italy trying their best, well more, worst when it comes to violence. Again there was…… Continue reading I Stand With Ethiopia

I stand with Congo – both of them

Yes, peeps, I didn’t know that either. There are two Congos. One used to be Zaire if I understand that right and both have trouble with violence. However, the one everybody talks about is the Democratic Republic of Congo which used to be Zaire. Confused? Yes, I too so let’s listen to someone who understands…… Continue reading I stand with Congo – both of them

I stand with Colombia

Hello, out there in this beautiful wide world. How are you? I hope you are well and, if not, that you get all the support you need. Since I looked into different countries’ history, geography etc., I have realised that I know nothing. I was a teenager in the 1980s and often heard about the…… Continue reading I stand with Colombia

I Stand With Chad

There I promised myself, from now on I WILL post when I have planned to post. And… I am doing it. Sort of 😇 These “I Stand With…” posts are not in-depth analyses of what is going on but more a highlight, that there is war in many forms in different countries and not only…… Continue reading I Stand With Chad

I stand with Cameroon

Just a glimpse today into some of the struggles that Cameroon faces: Climate crisis https://youtu.be/-Y9PDeZrKic Video credit: AlJazeera via YouTube and the echoes of colonialism https://youtu.be/ThtiTf7Gjf0 Video credit: DW via YouTube Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: there is not only war in Ukraine 💕

I stand with Burkina Faso

I am not sure what to say today. So many countries experience such horrendous violence and it becomes hard to keep up hope the more I look into what is going on outside of our country’s walls. But without hope, we have lost already. Here are a couple of videos that explain a little of…… Continue reading I stand with Burkina Faso

I stand with… cold coffee & rage?

Hello my dear friends, how are you today? I hope life and the weekend are treating you well. I am out for another Star Trek Voyager binge day as I had my booster jab on Thursday and it knocked me out totally. So this morning I did a tiny round with Sherky and after coming…… Continue reading I stand with… cold coffee & rage?