I stand With South Sudan

Thoughtful Wednesday all The first time I heard of South Sudan was when I stumbled upon a song by Emanuel Jal. https://youtu.be/6YlScoW1UfE Video credit Emanuel Jal via YouTube Emanuel was forced to be a child soldier in the 1980s but managed to write a book about his experiences and become a successful musician. He is…… Continue reading I stand With South Sudan

I stand With Nigeria/Ich stehe mit Nigeria

Yes, last week it was Niger and this week it’s neighbour Nigeria. First some background to this fascinating country from someone who actually knows the country https://youtu.be/PKnjXPzDpRg Video credit: Flo Chinyere via YouTube Nigeria has many people groups, huge oil reserves and a corruption problem as far as I can see. It makes the whole…… Continue reading I stand With Nigeria/Ich stehe mit Nigeria

I Stand With Niger/ Ich stehe mit Niger

Hello, dear people of the blogosphere. Another Wednesday, another country to stand with. This time it is Niger. No, I haven’t missed an IA. Niger is the country North of Nigeria. One was colonised by France, the other by Britain, but both got their name from the River Niger. Yea, it’s confusing, I know. And…… Continue reading I Stand With Niger/ Ich stehe mit Niger

I stand with Myanmar/Ich Stehe Mit Myanmar

OK, I am a bit in a pickle here. Myanmar or previously Burma is an incredibly versatile country with over 130 different people groups, that all have their own culture. The country has always kept to itself as much as it can but has one hell of a war history as it lies between the…… Continue reading I stand with Myanmar/Ich Stehe Mit Myanmar

I stand with Mozambique

Hello all, happy new year and good health and blessings for you 🤗 Despite it being New Years Eve I am going to share about another country riddled with violence. It won’t stop for the people who have to live with it on a day like this so we can stand with them today too.…… Continue reading I stand with Mozambique

I stand with Mexico and wish you a Merry Christmas if you celebrate

Hello everybody, and merry Christmas if you celebrate or happy Saturday if you don’t. I pondered all month if I should keep this series going on Christmas or if I should do some “normal” Christmassy stuff. But I realised that I am not really celebrating Christmas, so it would be a bit hypocritical to full-on…… Continue reading I stand with Mexico and wish you a Merry Christmas if you celebrate

I stand With Mali

Another country that has a long history of violence, even though it was viewed as an example of democracy working in Africa for a long time. The documentary by Deutsche Welle (second video) explains it well. But first some information in general about the country. As always, please leave a like or even a follow…… Continue reading I stand With Mali

I stand With Libya

Well, peeps, there are a couple more countries to come that are plagued with violence from my “I stand with…” series. I know it’s Christmas Time and we are supposed to concentrate on shopping and being happy, but maybe that is why this series is even more critical. Violence and war don’t stop just because…… Continue reading I stand With Libya

I stand with Iraq

Yes, it does not look like Iraq has gotten any peace since the US and its allies got in to eliminate terrorists. Strange that their actions have created more terrorism rather than less. Or maybe I am wrong? We are not hearing much about Iraq lately, are we? This first video is from 2014, but…… Continue reading I stand with Iraq

I Stand With Ethiopia

Happy Saturday despite everything. Today’s “I Stand With…” post might have a happy ending. Ethiopia has an interesting history being one of the few or maybe the only African country that did not fully become colonised despite Britain, Portugal and Italy trying their best, well more, worst when it comes to violence. Again there was…… Continue reading I Stand With Ethiopia