#JusJoJan hears Echoes

So Linda wrote today: Monday’s here. Was your weekend long enough? Mine was, and then some. Anyway, it’s time for your daily Just Jot it January prompt! If you’d like a peek at the upcoming prompts, check the “Rules” post HERE. The list is at the bottom of the post. Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019,…… Continue reading #JusJoJan hears Echoes

#JusJoJan experiences Serendipity

So Jill suggested “Serendipity” for the “JusJoJan” prompt today. Please head over to her blog and enjoy yourself. You won’t regret it!!! I love the word “serendipity”. It is one of the most beautiful words in the English language and reminds me of apples, an open fire and dipping your finger in honey. (What you…… Continue reading #JusJoJan experiences Serendipity

#SoCS and #JusJoJan watch TV

Television, TV or Telly…. too vast a field I would say 😉 I used to love watching the tv. My parents and grandparents wound me up with saying “you’ll get square eyes if you keep watching so much TV”. Mind you judging from today’s point of view it probably wasn’t that much. There were only…… Continue reading #SoCS and #JusJoJan watch TV

Companionship – A #JusJoJan Post

Oh dear. This brain and mind of mine works in mysterious ways: First thing that came to mind about “companionship” was ” What a lovely old-fashioned expression” and directly afterwards “Ring”. I mean THE ring to rule us all – (oh NO – Note to self: I need to remember I am NOT living in…… Continue reading Companionship – A #JusJoJan Post

Linda got me… A #JusJoJan post

Looks like I can’t escape Linda somehow. On and off I am taking part in her #SoCS and had decided not to do #JusJoJan. However, I am reposting old posts from my other blogs that don’t exist anymore and am preparing for “Love Is In Da Blog”. In a way it’s Linda’s “fault” I am…… Continue reading Linda got me… A #JusJoJan post

A last “Jot It” Stream of Consciousness Saturday with Love from me to you

No don’t worry I do not stop taking part in SoCS. It’s much too much fun to leave. But it’s the last day of “Just Jot It January” and as I have to work in the afternoon I have to be a little bit practical and connect the projects I take part in. I hope…… Continue reading A last “Jot It” Stream of Consciousness Saturday with Love from me to you

I have pondered…

….. and decided to go for it: From Sunday onwards this blog will host the “Love Is In Da Blog” blog hop. The topics and some of the prompts are already figured out. Yesterday I wrote that it will be about poems and yes that is true but it will be open for all sorts…… Continue reading I have pondered…

Just Jot It January Whatever Day

WARNING: This post takes part in Linda G. Hills Just Jot It January. Please do not follow the link and find more brilliant, funny, thought provoking and wonderful blog posts!!!!! Oh boy, is the weather horrible out there! This is what I tweeted just a moment ago: The weather outside is frightening… pic.twitter.com/7XujBn2zp5 — The…… Continue reading Just Jot It January Whatever Day

Still no Jot today….

… as my love is waiting upstairs. Just wanted to let you know that sometimes ~ just sometimes ~ I do more than just jotting: 818 more words for my fantasy novel and that after a hard days work. Am pretty proud of me and will go upstairs and reward myself (… and the husband…… Continue reading Still no Jot today….