April, April

Today is a day for jokers. “April’s Fools” probably has a long tradition but do you English speaking people also do practical jokes on your fellow humans and then shout “April, April”? Well, that’s how we do it in Germany. Or did it when I was young half a century ago. Good grief, half a … Continue reading April, April

Holy Guacamole!

Hi peeps, a new week and no recipe, no. I just fully agree with Melanie that time doesn’t fly but storms by! The third week of October? Well, the weather here in North Norfolk certainly is autumnal. It just started raining. However, the temperatures are rather mild. I took a long walk with Sherks yesterday … Continue reading Holy Guacamole!

Nite, Nite All

Hello everybody, how are you tonight? I hope you are well and enjoyed a lovely Friday. I spent the day doing our monthly online grocery shopping. It was pay day which I use to order what doesn’t come via Milk & More, Riverford and Amazon. Those are the places we have regular orders coming. For … Continue reading Nite, Nite All