April, April

Today is a day for jokers. “April’s Fools” probably has a long tradition but do you English speaking people also do practical jokes on your fellow humans and then shout “April, April”? Well, that’s how we do it in Germany. Or did it when I was young half a century ago. Good grief, half a…… Continue reading April, April

Ladies Of A Certain Age, I Need To Pick Your Brain…

Hello, out there ladies, who have been through menopause. I need to pick your brain or more need to get some input if you feel like sharing your experience. My periods have stopped in September 2019 which is really early. Apparently, a “normal” woman in the UK starts the process of menopause just over age…… Continue reading Ladies Of A Certain Age, I Need To Pick Your Brain…

Gosh, We Didn’t See That One Coming

Hello everybody, how are you? We are well but a little overwhelmed. Last Wednesday our house went on the market. We knew it is in a prime location and that there would be interest despite it needing a lot of work done. But by no means did we expect that much interest. Within two hours…… Continue reading Gosh, We Didn’t See That One Coming

Just to let you know…

I am alive and kicking 😁. Just lots going on. Yes, we’ve done it: we decided to sell up and try out the Narrowboat Continuous Cruiser life style. We are excited and terrified at the same time. Stay tuned for more news 🤗 Does anyone of you collect stamps and want these? Not much worth…… Continue reading Just to let you know…

Holy Guacamole!

Hi peeps, a new week and no recipe, no. I just fully agree with Melanie that time doesn’t fly but storms by! The third week of October? Well, the weather here in North Norfolk certainly is autumnal. It just started raining. However, the temperatures are rather mild. I took a long walk with Sherks yesterday…… Continue reading Holy Guacamole!

Nite, Nite All

Hello everybody, how are you tonight? I hope you are well and enjoyed a lovely Friday. I spent the day doing our monthly online grocery shopping. It was pay day which I use to order what doesn’t come via Milk & More, Riverford and Amazon. Those are the places we have regular orders coming. For…… Continue reading Nite, Nite All

What A Mess Of A Day

Hi peeps, how’s it going? I very much hope you feel much better than I do. Coffee anyone? Tea or Cocoa? We have it all so don’t be shy! Gif source Tenor Maybe I can’t get going today because I skipped blogging for some chickpea cooking yesterday. On Wednesdays, I work until half twelve or…… Continue reading What A Mess Of A Day

A Journey Starts

J.R.R.Tolkien wrote either in “The Hobbit” or “Lord of the Rings” how any journey starts with taking the first step and then keep going. I have started a journey of letting go. This seems a theme of my life. At 12 I had to let my mother go. At 17 my home for the first…… Continue reading A Journey Starts