Chisseled to Beauty

Happy Saturday all, despite everything. A month ago I was sitting at the window with a coffee ☕ sending you all love & light . Take good care of yourselves These rocks lay heavyOn Earth’s flightChisseled to beauty 🏔 Schönen Samstag Euch, trotz Allem. Vor einem Monat sass ich mit einem Kaffee ☕ am Fenster…… Continue reading Chisseled to Beauty

Water swirls wildly

Water swirls wildlyLast leaves tumble through the wavesDeer stands still drinking🌊Wasser wirbelt wildDie letzten Blätter überschlagen sich in den WellenReh steht still beim Drinken🙋‍♀️🐝 #poetry #poem #Gedicht #anxiety #Angst #life

All in Butter …

Hello dear people of the blogosphere, looks like I am back for a little while. “Love Is In Da Blog” gave me a daily blogging routine back so I might as well write some more. It’s Saturday and, of course, this means Linda’s brilliant “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” which gave us “butter” as today’s challenge.…… Continue reading All in Butter …

Come Away With Me Musical Challenge and Beating Cancer

Hello dear readers, how are you? I hope life is treating you well, but if you have a challenge to face, that you always have someone at your side to have your back. close-up of Bee with her Skipworth Zoomie mug in front of her face I am going to face a new challenge this…… Continue reading Come Away With Me Musical Challenge and Beating Cancer

1 AM late night ramble!

1 AM! Time for me To let my lab out For his nightly sniff Around the garden To see Will he do his thing And pee? But all he wants to do Is sniff, sniff There must be some nice smells On the grass I am loving The noises his little labby nose makes As

A little poetry for you!

Hi all you lovely bloggers of the blogosphere! How are you on this Friday evening? How has it been for you? Fun? Not so fun? Did you enjoy the start of the weekend? I hope you are enjoying your weekend, and that todays been really awesome! I haven’t written on Bee’s blog in a while,

2020 is here! yay!

Hi everyone, and a very happy new year! I hope your 2020 is starting off great! Heres a little poem to start off this brand new year! New year New start Goals, resolutions Will we keep them? Who knows We’ll try to All that matters Is we tried Happy 2020 Welcome it with open arms

Thankful its Friday!

Hello hello hello to all you lovely people out there! Hows your Friday been? Good? Bad? I hope not! Happy Friday to you! I hope you’ll enjoy the weekend! What are your weekend plans? Mine are to just relax! Might go see a friend but thats about it! Anyway wanted to share a little poem