Carol Annes good night poem, sweet dreams, everyone!

Well its midnight here in the emerald aisle! I’m off to bed, have therapy in the morning! I had a really great evening, which included a prechristmas drink, a pink gin! So I shall big you all good night, sweet dreams to you all! As my head Hits the pillow My mind Starts to slow

Carol annes poem of the day: Its storming outside

Hello Everyone Hoping your all ok, and enjoying your Wednesday! Weather here in Ireland is crappy, so I thought I’d write a little poem about it lol. wind and rain whipping up outside glad I don’t Have to be out in it Staying indoors Nice and cosy and warm While outside Winds howl Rains falls

Good Morning Writers! I know it’s early but some ideas for Christmas

September 2019 I know Christmas is still a little away but if you want to join in this idea from 2014 you might want to start now 🙂 December 2014  How are you doing? How is your writing going? Are you scribbling along nicely or are you lagging behind? Maybe you need a creative break…… Continue reading Good Morning Writers! I know it’s early but some ideas for Christmas

Take five

dainty flowers all in a row so pretty as I sit Waiting for my dog To finish his 5 minute run around the garden Dainty flowers Smell so good As I breathe In their sweet aroma Now it is time To take 5 Go get a coffee And then Relax with my book

My favourite dress

A prompt from bee which I got, and am going to write on today is, my favourite dress. So here is a little poem about that very thing! light, and very summery long and flowy oh how I love it cool breeze whips it making it spread outwards making me blush because there are others

Of Rain, Blackberries & Coding

Hello my friends, how are you doing? I nearly forgot to get this post out because I was playing around on CodePen. On Tuesday I told you about my coding adventures and I am still occupied with the Tribute page to get on with FreeCodeCamp. Thankfully, it is raining today in North Norfolk so I…… Continue reading Of Rain, Blackberries & Coding

Summer is coming

This week Bee has given me the poetry prompt, summer is coming. And that it certainly is! So with that, here is my little poem about it! ❤ summer is coming its barbecue season grilling barbecuing yummy scrumptious treats icecream cones long walks on the beach picnics on the sand fun in the sun long,

Blue sky days

Bees prompt for me this week is, blue skies. Below find my attempt at a poem about this topic. Long summer nights Clear blue skies Not a cloud in sight Oh how I love When the sun is shining When the sky is blue Makes me feel so good

Carol annes poetry challenge, from Bee…owed to my left big toe

Bee had a fun prompt for me this week. It is, owed to my left big toe. 😀 So here I go, lets see what I can come up with for this one! 😀 wiggle it just a little bit feel how it wiggles owed to my left big toe it gets me places I