A spring in my step

Hello all you awesome bloggers! How are you this morning, or, if its afternoon or evening where you are, how are you doing? How has your day gone? 💖🌹😊 Today I bring you another poem, which Bee from the Bee writes has challenged me to write. Todays prompt is: A spring in my step 🤔👌❤❤

Take five

dainty flowers all in a row so pretty as I sit Waiting for my dog To finish his 5 minute run around the garden Dainty flowers Smell so good As I breathe In their sweet aroma Now it is time To take 5 Go get a coffee And then Relax with my book

Sing me a song of longing?

This week, Bee challenged me to write a poem using the prompt sing me a song of longing. So I shall try, not sure how good it will be, not really feeling the creative streak at the moment. sing me a song a song as I long for warmer days brighter times peaceful nights I

I did it!

Standing on the scales praying hard then all of a sudden she says to me you are down 2 pounds! my stomach flips with excitement I did it! I had the result I wished for Am so proud What a week! Doing a happy dance! Proud of me!

Carol Annes poetry challenge from bee…

Hello everyone. Its me, Carol anne, from the therapy bits blog. I am as you know a new contributor to bee’s blog. So the lovely Bee prompted me to write a poem using this prompt. My eyes listen to the light house in my mind” Ok so this was a tough one for me! But,…… Continue reading Carol Annes poetry challenge from bee…

To write about depression or not to write about it

This post was first published in October 2015 and I am re-posting it on that date. It is about where I was then not an actual situation of mine: It’s 2:30 am where I live, and I woke up at 1 am when my husband had to get up. Usually, I just turn around and…… Continue reading To write about depression or not to write about it