Re-blog: Songs that keep me going I

It still keeps me going: youtube Lyrics thanks to A-Z Lyrics “Uprising” Paranoia is in bloom, The PR transmissions will resume They’ll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down And hope that we will never see the truth around (so come on) Another promise, another seed Another packaged lie to keep…… Continue reading Re-blog: Songs that keep me going I

I Hope Your World Is Kind

Hello friends, I have a new “I listen continuously to them” band. And I whisper at night too: “I hope your world is kind”. Enjoy!!! Video source: silriadys via YouTube video credit: Auri Please stay safe, stay kind and remember something fair sleeps in your world!

Calling for prompts for “Love Is In Da Blog 2023”

Yes, peeps, it’s that time of the year when I start planning my February Music Blog event “Love Is In Da Blog”. Whoa, I can’t believe nearly a whole year is already gone by. I remember last year, I didn’t plan to do a “Love Is In Da Blog 2022” because of our move but…… Continue reading Calling for prompts for “Love Is In Da Blog 2023”

Re-post:A Good Goodbye?/ Ein Gutes Aufwiedersehen?

I wrote this post back in 2017 but it still feels important: “This morning I woke up to the news that Chester Bennington singer of one of my most favourites bands has passed away. Apparently he took his life not being able to bear the pain of past trauma and his struggle with drug and…… Continue reading Re-post:A Good Goodbye?/ Ein Gutes Aufwiedersehen?

Billy Joel Day

One of the first records I ever bought was a “Best Of” by Billy Joel. He had just re-invented himself and his ” Uptown Girl” was all over the charts in Germany. Such a great song It was the early 80’s and I listened to it continuously. His music has been a companion of mine…… Continue reading Billy Joel Day

Happy Platinum Anniversary

Wow, her royal highness Queen Elizabeth II is one hell of a woman, I think. Yes, there is all that being priviledged and she was a bit too traditional with marrying her first-born son of to “someone suitable”. But doing a job for 70 years is quite something. And I think being in the limelight…… Continue reading Happy Platinum Anniversary

Some Giggles For You & Bee

Good evening my dears. Today I have the giggles despite my rather serious post from this afternoon. It all started with ” A Matter Of Mixed Fortune” over at “Determined Despite WordPress” which had me giggle and laugh out loud all the way from the beginning. Then we had tea with one of our favourite…… Continue reading Some Giggles For You & Bee

Good morning world

Yes, I know, I promised not to do another Eurovision Song Contest post but hey was that exciting last night. Sam Ryder the UK entry managed to win the Jury vote but the public voted for Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra and I think so they should have. Even though I wonder how they are going to…… Continue reading Good morning world

Just Some Happy Music

Hello, dear readers. May you have a happy Saturday despite everything. I promised you another Eurovision Song Contest Song post and this time I do not disappoint you 😂. Yesterday, I let you in on the diversity of music that takes part. You might wo der why countries outside geographical Europe are taking part. I…… Continue reading Just Some Happy Music