YouTube Dienstag ~ Lilla Tilla

Juni 2019 Einfach  mal mehr Musik… Maerz 2018 Manchmal ist es schwer, etwas unterhaltsames in deutsch zu finden. Etwas, das mich jahrelang unterhalten hat zeige ich Euch heute…. Video Source: Dieter Pastula via YouTube all rights reserved with Wolle Kriwanek Als ich vor vielen Jahren zu bloggen begann, gab es ein Blog event, das YouTube…… Continue reading YouTube Dienstag ~ Lilla Tilla

I am young ~ so what? / Ich bin jung ~ na und? #bilingual #blogging

November 2018 I am rather surprised that this topic was on my mind in 2012. It seems to me that not only young people have this mindset nowadays. So many seem to think they can do and say what they want and it doesn’t have consequences. But everything has consequences and more often than not…… Continue reading I am young ~ so what? / Ich bin jung ~ na und? #bilingual #blogging

Do what you want/ Mach, was Du willst

I do 🙂 . It’s my birthday today… Do what you want INSPIRED BY EVANESCENCE “DO WHAT YOU WANT”   Do what you what you what you want:   Life is yours to take   NOT theirs to command!   Video Credit: Evanescence via YouTube Mach ich 😉 . Heute ist mein Geburtstag…   Mach was Du willst…… Continue reading Do what you want/ Mach, was Du willst