Gulls like Diamonds in the Sky

One morning in February 2021 I sat in the front room and some gulls caught my eye. They flew over the field and the sun lit them up. They looked like diamonds in the sky so I thought I’d try and write a tanka and use some of our five senses in it. Frozen breeze…… Continue reading Gulls like Diamonds in the Sky

Winters end!

Hello all you lovely people! How are you on this Saturday? Are you enjoying your day so far? ✨✨😊😊 Today the lovely Bee from the bee writes, has challenged me to write a poem about winters end. So here goes! 😍✨✨ Finally, the cold nights end Winter has left us Spring has come Warmer days

Mindfulness and Nature

For a couple of weeks now I am walking Sherky along Paston Way which is partly an old railway line with lots of trees and squirrels to either side. It is a beautiful walk especially if it is very warm and I use it to calm my hyperactive mind down. I focus on my breathing…… Continue reading Mindfulness and Nature

I hear your call?

Bees prompt for me this week is, I hear your call! So well, here goes, heres my attempt at a poem using this prompt! Tweet, tweet as I sit In the early morning hours Tapping on my laptop There you are Outside my windows Pretty birds I hear your call!

Carol Annes poetry prompt from Bee…

This week Bees poetry prompt for me was “The ravens gather over the moor”. This one was very challenging to me. But I am giving it a go anyway. In flocks they swoop In a big group Flying high In the sky Over the moor Lovely to look at Such calm it brings To see