Blast from the Past: #Poem at night: Everlasting Love?

 Everlasting Love? who gives you the rightto steal yourselfback into my life through the back doorof my favourite music! video credit: Divine Comedy via YouTube

Poem at Night: Newborn

Hello my dear readers, how is your day/night? I hope you are well and enjoy the diversity of the blogosphere. And if life is hard, let me send you a virtual hug. I’ve just finished the draft for a post for a German poetry project, that will take up my time in November. It was…… Continue reading Poem at Night: Newborn

Poem at Night: Twist and Shout

Hello dear readers, how are you faring? I very much hope life is treating you well and if not rest assured you are in my thoughts and prayers. So I was pondering how I could bring todays Brexit poem around and alas there were the Beatles on TV singing:” Twist and Shout”. How convenient because…… Continue reading Poem at Night: Twist and Shout