Not Wanting To See/Nicht Sehen Wollen

Yesterday’s Holocaust Memorial Day quote brought back the realization of how easily we humans fall for propaganda. Many Germans after the war said “We didn’t know” but I assume what they meant was “We didn’t want to know,” because knowing is uncomfortable. Knowing asks us to act. Knowing asks for sacrifices of us. Knowing asks…… Continue reading Not Wanting To See/Nicht Sehen Wollen

Neighbours/ Nachbarn

🇬🇧 Good morning all, how are you on this new day? I hope only good things await you. I am busy with February’s “Love Is In Da Blog” event and still moving some boxes and other chores. Everything slowly feels like home especially as most people we meet are so happy we bring new life…… Continue reading Neighbours/ Nachbarn

Feeling Alive

Hello, all you lovely people. It is a pleasure to have you here and to read your blogs. I apologise for not always being around regularly but you are in my heart. I think moving here to Ireland is the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced. We have to come to terms with the limits of…… Continue reading Feeling Alive

Thank You 🙇

Blessed Sunday to you all. Thank you so much for being a part of “The Bee Writes…”. Thank you so much for your kind & encouraging words. Thank you so much for simply being here. I appreciate you deeply. Sharing our lives Is a blessing not in disguise Love & hugs for you all Please,…… Continue reading Thank You 🙇

Lovely Surprise

Good morning, good people of the blogosphere. How are you doing? I hope you and yours are well and that you do not have to fight adverse weather conditions. We are feeling a bit more relaxed but still a little overwhelmed. It is so much to do and we just don’t know where to start.…… Continue reading Lovely Surprise

Eternal Love

I hope you are well my friends. I am in the middle of preparing for “Love Is In Da Blog” and I remembered this poem: Love is eternalAnd everywhereYou justNeed to lookWith your heart. What else is there to say? Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

Nature Calls

Well, not in the usual sense my dears. Just in case you thought I do a toilet post. 😂 Nope, I thought maybe I try out a nature poem as I thought today how much closer to it we live now. Sun, wind, snow & rain Twirling in eternal dance Life is still sprouting Please,…… Continue reading Nature Calls

How Hard Can It Be?

I surmise these are the most famous last words ever spoken. We usually do not try out what we think isn’t that hard. However, when we do, we often experience interesting surprises. Cold nights & old dreams We stay in our dream home But we need comfort We certainly did, but maybe that was a…… Continue reading How Hard Can It Be?

A Vegan Poem?

Hello fellow poets, bloggers & readers. One of the few things we have power over is what we put in our mouths. But it seems to be one of the most difficult things to change your diet. We had about two years of transitioning period until we managed to go vegan. And I still stumble…… Continue reading A Vegan Poem?