We are now on our adventure for about a month. Everything worked astonishingly well. Of course, there was some stress and hick-ups but all in all we feel happy. And for the first time in some years I feel we are on the right path. It was scary at first to meet many people again…… Continue reading Just


Hello all, how are you doing? I hope you and yours are well and if not that you find all the support you need. I am writing this post in our first week in Ireland and all seems so surreal. When this post goes live we’ll be on our adventure for nearly a month. For…… Continue reading Surreal

Still A Taboo

It’s still a taboo to talk about what goes on when women reach menopause and I wonder why. Maybe it is because it is a very personal experience. Here are some thoughts of mine. MenopauseThe courage toP… people off.The courage toNot give a s…The courage to Walk my path.The courage toBe myself. Please stay safe,…… Continue reading Still A Taboo


Time-lapsed mindA bog of thoughtsLeading nowhere.This boardIn front ofMy head notMovingAt all! Two years ago I was in the midst of chemotherapy and I can’t believe it’s been this long already. One thing though that never really left my life is brain fog. I often have to really concentrate to just get every day stuff…… Continue reading What?!

Spirits that I’ve cited

It’s a couple of weeks or even month’s now that I can’t stop thinking of Goethe’s The Sorcerers Apprentice when I watch the drama unfolding with the Conservative party and Boris Johnson: “…Spirits that I’ve citedMy commands ignore.” Please, stay safe, stay kind and remember: don’t call spirits you might not have under control 😁…… Continue reading Spirits that I’ve cited