Rocks At The Ocean – Coleen’s Tanka Tuesday #themeprompt

Hello out there all you lovely people. I hope your life rolls well and if not that you have all the support needed. For visually impaired readers: Two small Buddha candle holders on a wooden cupboard. One holding a crystal ball, the other a tealight. Spiderplant behind them. Between them a red candle holder and…… Continue reading Rocks At The Ocean – Coleen’s Tanka Tuesday #themeprompt

Carol annes poetry challenge, from Bee…owed to my left big toe

Bee had a fun prompt for me this week. It is, owed to my left big toe. 😀 So here I go, lets see what I can come up with for this one! 😀 wiggle it just a little bit feel how it wiggles owed to my left big toe it gets me places I

English #frapalymo prompt 29nov15

Today’s prompt goes a little magical: Eleven wordfriends you are to be – Write an Elevenie You can find the original German post here ~~~~~~~~~~ I am re-posting this one at it’s original date. Feel free to use the prompt again though 😊

Another #frapalymo awaits

I posted this first in October 2015 and re-post it at that date. This event is over! Yes, my love for poetry and poetry prompts will get another boost as @FrauPaulchen’s #frapalymo starts soon. It is a German poetry project similar to #Octpowrimo or National Poetry Month. I love her prompts so much that I…… Continue reading Another #frapalymo awaits