On The Journey…

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We are now on our adventure for about a month. Everything worked astonishingly well. Of course, there was some stress and hick-ups but all in all we feel happy. And for the first time in some years I feel we are on the right path. It was scary at first to meet many people again…… Continue reading Just


Hello all, how are you doing? I hope you and yours are well and if not that you find all the support you need. I am writing this post in our first week in Ireland and all seems so surreal. When this post goes live we’ll be on our adventure for nearly a month. For…… Continue reading Surreal

Gordian Knots

We are all lostIn our ancestors gordian knots.One for our mothersWhen emotions run high.One for our fathersWhen ideas get tangled.One for usWhen we search for our reasons.When the universe callsWill we answer? https://www.ancient-symbols.com/symbols-directory/gordian-knot.html Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

And Sisyphus cried

🌻 When we wokeReality’s mirror was broken AndGaia’s children picked up its shards.They cut their handsAnd the rivers ran red.They picked up it’s shards And the sky was burning.They cut their handsAnd the demons rose.They picked up its shardsAnd Sisyphus criedFor Gaia’s children inherited his curse

Re-post: Another Tiny Book Review

This book is already packed. But maybe I should take it back out and take it with me when we go 😇: Liebesgedichte by Erich Fried My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is the German Version of Erich Fried’s Lovepoems which is a constant inspiration for my own poetry writing. His most famous “Es…… Continue reading Re-post: Another Tiny Book Review

Done With Dying

The soul’s salt statueBurrows deep into a heartStaring at pastsOf missed opportunities.Lost at the crossroadBetween life & survival.One foot dancingThe other stuck in a guilty bog.Hear her calling:Choose life, my dear, choose life…But the voicesDrown out hopeLike tsunamis take the beaches.When the crows are callingSearch for the wild places In your heart and soul.Wait and…… Continue reading Done With Dying