And Sisyphus cried

🌻 When we wokeReality’s mirror was broken AndGaia’s children picked up its shards.They cut their handsAnd the rivers ran red.They picked up it’s shards And the sky was burning.They cut their handsAnd the demons rose.They picked up its shardsAnd Sisyphus criedFor Gaia’s children inherited his curse

Re-post: Another Tiny Book Review

This book is already packed. But maybe I should take it back out and take it with me when we go 😇: Liebesgedichte by Erich Fried My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is the German Version of Erich Fried’s Lovepoems which is a constant inspiration for my own poetry writing. His most famous “Es…… Continue reading Re-post: Another Tiny Book Review

Done With Dying

The soul’s salt statueBurrows deep into a heartStaring at pastsOf missed opportunities.Lost at the crossroadBetween life & survival.One foot dancingThe other stuck in a guilty bog.Hear her calling:Choose life, my dear, choose life…But the voicesDrown out hopeLike tsunamis take the beaches.When the crows are callingSearch for the wild places In your heart and soul.Wait and…… Continue reading Done With Dying

Throwback: The core ~ a poem

It’s a long time since I felt like writing a poem. Maybe it’s time to start again 🤗 September 2017 This poem was first posted in March 2012. Today I dedicate to my husband who is not only a little spot of love for me and my loneliness no matter the doubts he fights with.…… Continue reading Throwback: The core ~ a poem