Re-post: Country Bumpkin

August 2022 Blimey, I have become even a bigger country bumkin than I was back then. The further away from people the better 😅 August 2017 Ah, one of my all-time favourite posts: April 2011 I admit it! I am a devoted country bumpkin! It is an enormous riddle to me how people can live…… Continue reading Re-post: Country Bumpkin

Re-post: Support your creative fellow humans

August 2022 It’s not me, because I never developed the tenacity and the discipline to keep writing. August 2017 I still try to get over that and other “good” advice! April 2011 Well today I got a letter from someone very close. I wrote to her about my love for writing and that I wanted…… Continue reading Re-post: Support your creative fellow humans

Scar clan/ Narben Clan

August 2022 I am not sure I found my clan just yet. But I start to suspect there are women who are on the path on their own. And that’s ok 😇 August 2017 “Women who run with the wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes ist a book I read on and off. Here are some of…… Continue reading Scar clan/ Narben Clan

Re-blog: Announcing ‘The Write Way’ Giveaway!

Ooops, I am a bit late with this. You have 3 days left. Please head over and check out Lauren’s encouraging blog and her book. Because you are worth it 😉 : I have been overwhelmed and so thankful for the way in which my debut non-fiction book ‘The Write Way’ has been received. I…… Continue reading Re-blog: Announcing ‘The Write Way’ Giveaway!