SoCS gets a degree

Yes, my dear ones, no post for a week and then two in a day. I go for extremes and love that being a Scorpio.  Hope you don’t mind :-). Well, I just could not resist the pull of Stream of Consciousness Saturday. And today, well, of course, yesterday, Linda offered us degree/degrees. I have…… Continue reading SoCS gets a degree

SoCS gets into shape

Have you ever wondered about the expression:” Getting into shape”? I assume it usually means to get fit and I also assume it assumes that being fit shows you in a good shape. Now that is a lot of assuming. LOL. With me, there has never been a “getting into shape” ambition. My ambition was…… Continue reading SoCS gets into shape

SoCS goes to… ssssleep

The first thing I thought about when reading Linda’s prompt was actually “sophomore” but by Kungfu Panda (sorry we just saw the second 😉 film of the series) I am not from the United States and therefore have no clue what it really means. Besides I suffer from occasional insomnia (yes, I know this word…… Continue reading SoCS goes to… ssssleep

SoCS and first, second, third…. blogs

My first blog was with Blogger. I started in 2009 and I can’t even remember how it was called. I am sure though it was about my writing and life in general. Since then I had a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth blog (you are reading…… Continue reading SoCS and first, second, third…. blogs

SoCS ages

Am pretty uninspired today. Last weeks prompt just made me ask what a “preposition” is and when I looked it up it was clear what to write. This week’s feels more serious though. Or more philosophical. It doesn’t seem to be right to write something funny. Maybe I am not really up for it because…… Continue reading SoCS ages

The Bee is rude on SoCS

A preposition This is the preposition of my blog post. It is short. I won’t write a lot today.   A tiny Blog Post Today is Saturday and I have decided to keep myself out of the writing. Posts are scheduled and I bugger off with a cup of tea and a huge cookie to…… Continue reading The Bee is rude on SoCS

Time for SoCS

Irene over at IreneDesign2011 and me had this idea a few weeks ago: to celebrate Stream of Consciousness Saturday together. So today we have done an experiment: “Bee: “Time flies” is what I am thinking a lot lately. I just took some time to answer two letters I got late in 2013! Isn’t that sad? Yes,…… Continue reading Time for SoCS

Stream of Consciousness Saturday goes bi-lingual…

…. or not. Well, to fit the title I should really do this post in German as well but I am on holiday (that is why it is so late) and I cannot be bothered to translate. Sorry Ladies and Gentlemen I admit to being  lazy and not a busy Bee (it is out at…… Continue reading Stream of Consciousness Saturday goes bi-lingual…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is here and hears

The first thing that came into mind when I read Linda’s prompt for these weeks “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” was the British parliament. It is quite an interactive one and it always makes me laugh: When ministers or politicians hold a speech and they say something their fellow party members agree with many of them…… Continue reading Stream of Consciousness Saturday is here and hears