Happy Good News Tuesday to you All

Hi peeps, how are you doing? I hope life and this Tuesday is treating you well. Before we begin I am sharing yesterday’s bi-lingual poem with you that I shared on my social  media: This colour and buzzing opens my heart. Is there a future? Diese Farbe und das Summen oeffnen mein Herz. Gibt es…… Continue reading Happy Good News Tuesday to you All

SoCS to, too, two (Attention might trigger)

I published this post first in November 2015 and re-post it on that old date. I have not taken part in SoCS in a long time. Thinking about my current situation though this week’s prompt just fitted what I wanted to write about anyway. To worry or not to worry That is no question for…… Continue reading SoCS to, too, two (Attention might trigger)

SoCS names it

Linda’s prompt for tomorrow oh today is “names”. I am writing this Friday evening and schedule it (hopefully really do it not like yesterdays prompt for #frapalymo which I just saved but never scheduled…. ups 🙂 ) so when you read this I’ll be throwing happy smiles at customers at the day job. Probably won’t…… Continue reading SoCS names it

SoCS compliments…

or complements???? Is that a word in English? Who knows….. Well, I know now as I just checked with Leo. What you don’t know Leo? It’s an online dictionary that translates German into different languages. I wouldn’t be the blogger I am without Leo :-). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I like all of them: the compliment to compliment…… Continue reading SoCS compliments…

SoCS varies very ;-)

Another Saturday has come and I am glad that I only have to work four hours tomorrow. Then I have a weeks holiday and I clearly need it the way I lagged at work today. My poor co-worker got a lot to do but I guess it will be my turn as well one day.…… Continue reading SoCS varies very 😉

SoCS down to a P

I’m blogging from my mobile today which usually doesn’t work very well. So I’m experimental down to a P. This screen does what it wants and I already regret not having started the laptop. Never mind. I’ll manage properly somehow. Was thinking about a post only with words starting with P but well it’s Saturday…… Continue reading SoCS down to a P

Toujours SoCS

Linda went kind of French with this week’s prompt for SoCS. If you want to know what it is exactly and find more great posts in the comments, please have a look here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is nice to just mutter along sometimes. Lately, I have started to mutter to myself in several languages just to…… Continue reading Toujours SoCS

SoCS asks “Who am I?”

Who am I? This is a famous poem by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was a German pastor who worked against the Nazi’s. He was imprisoned in Berlin in 1943 and was hanged on April 9th 1945. I read it first when I was a teenager and it has deeply influenced me. It lead to at least…… Continue reading SoCS asks “Who am I?”

A One-Liner Stream of Consciousness Saturday

This line takes part in Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Please follow the link to find the prompt and other brilliant posts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry, Linda but my poor mourning brain could only come up with this: Pat put “Pit” her pet on the pot! (no, this post has nothing whatsoever to do with…… Continue reading A One-Liner Stream of Consciousness Saturday

A “Happy Birthday” from “Love Is In Da Blog” to “SoCS”

My Darlings, the end is here 🙂 and I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful participation, your brilliant blog posts and just for sharing your creativity. I will write a conclusion tomorrow because today is dedicated to “Stream of Consciousness” and Linda’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” which had its first birthday yesterday. So please…… Continue reading A “Happy Birthday” from “Love Is In Da Blog” to “SoCS”