“Love Is In Da Blog” goes “SoCS”

My darlings, it is time again for some Stream of Consciousness writing and Linda and I have co-operated. And here is what came from it: (first posted on Friday 20/2/15 on “Linda G. Hill ~ Life in Progress”) “As a special feature for February’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, The Bee and I have decided to…… Continue reading “Love Is In Da Blog” goes “SoCS”

SoCS opposes

Linda’s prompt for today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “opposite”. Please visit “The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS January 10/15” for rules and other brilliant posts. When I was writing yesterday’s posts for “Just Jot It January” I was wondering how people can get so frustrated that they lose all restrictions and start killing.…… Continue reading SoCS opposes

SoCS, Mr T and a cup of T

Not so sure what to write for today’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”. Linda’s prompt is simply “T”. Mr T comes to mind. Does he exist? Ah, yes just googled him and I had the right hunch: I love Mr T. I watched the 80’s series of “A-Team” and also the newer films even though I…… Continue reading SoCS, Mr T and a cup of T