A spring in my step

Hello all you awesome bloggers! How are you this morning, or, if its afternoon or evening where you are, how are you doing? How has your day gone? 💖🌹😊 Today I bring you another poem, which Bee from the Bee writes has challenged me to write. Todays prompt is: A spring in my step 🤔👌❤❤

Winters end!

Hello all you lovely people! How are you on this Saturday? Are you enjoying your day so far? ✨✨😊😊 Today the lovely Bee from the bee writes, has challenged me to write a poem about winters end. So here goes! 😍✨✨ Finally, the cold nights end Winter has left us Spring has come Warmer days

Blast from the Past: A spring ritual

  This post was first published in March 2015 but the above image is from spring 2018: Some 15 years ago I started a little late winter or early spring ritual. The house I lived in at that time had a terrace at the back which was well protected from wind and it already got…… Continue reading Blast from the Past: A spring ritual