#SoCS says “if”

If you’d be around I’d invite you for a cuppa. Happy Saturday to all of you despite everything. And happy stream of consciousness writing too. Today’s prompt is “if” and I have a feeling I might weave a little tale. Here is the exact prompt from the gorgeous Linda our Stream of Consciousness hostess: Your…… Continue reading #SoCS says “if”

#SoCS has The Lids

Hello out there in the depths of the blogosphere. Happy Saturday despite everything. Please come in, have a cuppa and relax. Today’s prompt is “lid” and I found it rather curious that it is the same word in English and in German. Well, at least for the eyes. The rest doesn’t quite work. Here is…… Continue reading #SoCS has The Lids

Start With The Little Things

Hello out there all you lovely people. Thanks so much for your kind messages and thoughts after my strange post on Tuesday. You truly rock! Today I just want to share a quote but first Linda’s no Dan’s prompt. He stands in for Linda and offers beverages 😁 Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness…… Continue reading Start With The Little Things

I Am Not A Minimalist BUT…

Hi peeps, long time no write. Not sure what’s wrong with my reading and writing mojo currently but I think I’ve given up caring. Things are as they are. Never mind 🙂 And what about you my lovely readers? How is life rolling for you? I promise I answer if you share 😉 as I…… Continue reading I Am Not A Minimalist BUT…