What A Mess Of A Day

Hi peeps, how’s it going? I very much hope you feel much better than I do. Coffee anyone? Tea or Cocoa? We have it all so don’t be shy! Gif source Tenor Maybe I can’t get going today because I skipped blogging for some chickpea cooking yesterday. On Wednesdays, I work until half twelve or…… Continue reading What A Mess Of A Day

Blast from the Past: A spring ritual

  This post was first published in March 2015 but the above image is from spring 2018: Some 15 years ago I started a little late winter or early spring ritual. The house I lived in at that time had a terrace at the back which was well protected from wind and it already got…… Continue reading Blast from the Past: A spring ritual


December 2018 That great coffee machine is broken and I miss it 🙂 August 2017 My husband got us a wonderful coffee machine for Christmas that also makes Cappucino and Expresso and I have enjoyed the odd cup of coffee lately. However, ultimately I am still a tea drinker 🙂 September 2011 I am a…… Continue reading Teatime