Throwback: The core ~ a poem

It’s a long time since I felt like writing a poem. Maybe it’s time to start again 🤗 September 2017 This poem was first posted in March 2012. Today I dedicate to my husband who is not only a little spot of love for me and my loneliness no matter the doubts he fights with.…… Continue reading Throwback: The core ~ a poem

#ThrowBackThursday: How to get stuff done when you are depressed ~ Jessica Gimeno on #bipolar

December 2019: I posted tjis first in October 2017: This post is in honour of today’s World Mental Health Day 2017. We are stronger than depression and inspiring people can show us how. Here is Jessica Gimeno at the TEDxPilsenWomen talk: Related Blogpost: TruLeeMe: Manic Monday

#ThrowBackThursday: 5 Things to Know about St. Johnswort ~ mentalhealthmatters

I posted this first in October 2017: fir0002 | [GFDL 1.2 (, via Wikimedia Commons Today I want to write a little more about St. Johnswort a medicinal herb I use to relieve my symptoms of depression and anxiety due to living with PTSD. I have been mentioning it before both in posts and…… Continue reading #ThrowBackThursday: 5 Things to Know about St. Johnswort ~ mentalhealthmatters

#ThrowBackThursday: Ingermanson on How to keep Focused

Do you have trouble to stay focused on your writing? I have and so far I haven’t found a way to get around that. But it’s time to change being unfocused now! “Trouble staying focused on your #amwriting? Here are tips on how to change that!” So I’ve come back to Randy Ingermansons newsletter “The…… Continue reading #ThrowBackThursday: Ingermanson on How to keep Focused

#ThrowbackThursdayNaNoWriMo ~ A poem

Nov 2019 I wrote this poem in November 2017. Have Fun 😁 NaNoWriMo “Not sane At all!” Me Thinks In the weeks On waiting. No! All fine! Just Lots of writing. Novels & Oeuvres Verging on Elation after so much Longing. “What the hell R you doing?” I look up Thinking “I #amwriting” Not saying…… Continue reading #ThrowbackThursdayNaNoWriMo ~ A poem