🌻Can you help too?🌻

If you are not in the Uk, have a look here “International Extinction Rebellion” what you can do in your country 🌼 🌷 I just took action on @theactionnet: Organise with XR UK. Take action here: https://t.co/6oJUBD2m9k — The Bee (@Morgaine620) April 22, 2019 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js 🌎 🌷 The following information is taken from Dr. Gail…… Continue reading 🌻Can you help too?🌻

In memory of Catherine, forever in my heart

Such a kind soul Gentle, caring Always had A positive attitude No matter How sick you were You always wished me A happy weekend You always told me to be safe enjoy myself, have fun You even showed concern For my mom, Who had the same thing you had COPD You never gave up Or