My Fav Photo & Experience in 2022

For visually challenged readers: bay & rocks of Slieve League in County Donegal, Ireland. Wooden railing and grass in front of picture. A double rainbow spans the water This is the lesser known Slieve League Rocks in County Donegal Ireland. You might have heard of The Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland which are…… Continue reading My Fav Photo & Experience in 2022

Gimme More Cuddles!

Happy Wordless Wednesday, my dears. I hope your week rocks and that Christmas does not kill all the joy you might be feeling. I started experimenting with videos in the summer and am trying them out more and more. But I also found an app on my phone where I can make a gif, and…… Continue reading Gimme More Cuddles!

Very Grateful

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Today I share two photos of the snow-covered mountains in County Donegal and County Leitrim. We are so grateful every day that we can experience this beautiful country. It’s magical in every season. For visually challenged readers: A hill dusted with snow and trees dotted all over it. In the background snow-covered…… Continue reading Very Grateful

White Noise For Wordless Wednesday

Happy Wordless Wednesday, all. One thing I really, really love about Ireland is the presence of water everywhere. I love water in all its forms, and after the recent heat waves in the UK am appreciating it so much more. You can find a brook, pond or little stream anywhere you go in Ireland, so…… Continue reading White Noise For Wordless Wednesday

So many lovely places, so little time!

Happy Wordless Wednesday by dears This was at a car park in Carrick-on-Shannon in front of a restaurant on a boat. (For visually challenged readers: A small round table and two chairs stand in water in front of a river boat. There is a fence behind the chairs and grass and a block of stone…… Continue reading So many lovely places, so little time!

We didn’t find a pot of gold though

Happy Wordless Wednesday all! For visually challenged readers: image shows a dirt path on the right bottom corner leading to middle of the picture. There is a fence on its right side. The left side is dunes and long grass. Top of picture shows sky and a rainbow coming out of the dunes and leading…… Continue reading We didn’t find a pot of gold though

The Sky Is The limit

Hello and happy Wordless Wednesday 🤗 When was the last time you allowed yourself to slow down and watch the sky where you are? Maybe today is the day to try. This was the sky over Donegal, Ireland in August: Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!