Re-Post: Writer’s Quote Wednesday ~ Erich Fried

August 2020 There have been many exciting blog events on WordPress over the years. Some are still going. Some had to go. This one I really miss: June 2015 Sometimes it is quite disturbing to be bi-lingual ;-). Today I was looking for a quote from one of  my favourite poets: Erich Fried. I went…… Continue reading Re-Post: Writer’s Quote Wednesday ~ Erich Fried

Take five

dainty flowers all in a row so pretty as I sit Waiting for my dog To finish his 5 minute run around the garden Dainty flowers Smell so good As I breathe In their sweet aroma Now it is time To take 5 Go get a coffee And then Relax with my book

My favourite dress

A prompt from bee which I got, and am going to write on today is, my favourite dress. So here is a little poem about that very thing! light, and very summery long and flowy oh how I love it cool breeze whips it making it spread outwards making me blush because there are others

A Self-Care Suggestion and Sir Terry Pratchett

Hello good people of the blogosphere, how are you doing? I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I have scheduled this post and am either at the beach or sipping a good cuppa on the sofa. So cheers to all of you 😉 .

But I wanted to share two things:…

Bee’s poetry prompt for Carol anne…

Bee has very kindly given me some new poetry prompts to work with. So here is the first one and my attempt at a poem for this week! The prompt is, the wizard of poetry ponders… ❤ A fine prompt that is! Now to think of something to write! Well here goes! ❤ Magic spells

FREE Writing Resources ~ Sarah Kolb Williams &

May 2019 A re-post of a re-post?! Well, yea, sorry but this writing resource is worth it! December 2017 There are a lot of great and free writing resources out there and I am surprised how many I found in 2014 still exist. Here is one of them July 2014 Hello, apprentice science fiction writers.…… Continue reading FREE Writing Resources ~ Sarah Kolb Williams &

Guest Post: “Fact vs Fiction” by Tamara Ferguson

This was first published on my old blog in February 2015 FACT VERSUS FICTION Writing Contemporary Romance Just howimportant is it to stick to the facts when inventing the background for your story? This question never really came up for me until I submitted Tales of the Dragonfly Book II: In Flight for a Wisconsin…… Continue reading Guest Post: “Fact vs Fiction” by Tamara Ferguson

Blast from the Past: Good Morning Writers! ~ I don’t wanna be in that dark place!

May 2019 I never realised in what a bad place I was in the last couple of years until recently. Hopefully, I managed to get out of there now… January 2015 How is your writing going? Are you inspired or in a rather dark place? After a spell of activity and writing like mad, I…… Continue reading Blast from the Past: Good Morning Writers! ~ I don’t wanna be in that dark place!

Sing me a song of longing?

This week, Bee challenged me to write a poem using the prompt sing me a song of longing. So I shall try, not sure how good it will be, not really feeling the creative streak at the moment. sing me a song a song as I long for warmer days brighter times peaceful nights I

Bee’s poetry prompt for Carol anne, the day I met Nitro

Bee has given me this awesome prompt to write on for this week, the prompt is, the day I met Nitro! For those who don’t already know, Nitro is my guide dog! 😀 So here goes! The day I met you The day you bounced into my life and my world Was October 26th 2012