FREE Writing Resources ~ UK Copyright

September 2019 Copyright is, even more, a topic now than it was in 2014 when I wrote this post. I have to admit that I still am not sure most of the time but just make sure I give credit where credit is due. I schedule this post in April 2019 just after the EU…… Continue reading FREE Writing Resources ~ UK Copyright

FREE Writing Resources ~ Mslexia

September 2019 That is a really great magazine and I am gifting myself with another subscription when I got a new job! Their homepage has changed a little, that is why the links don’t work anymore but this post gives you an insight on how it was. It’s definitely a great resource for women writers.…… Continue reading FREE Writing Resources ~ Mslexia

FREE Writing Resources ~ Freelance Folder

March 2019 This is an awesome resource for writers and bloggers even though they have stopped creating new content in 2015. Check it out anyway. It’s worth it! November 2014 Here we are, bloggers and authors, all interested in improving our craft as well as making our writing life easier. Freelance Folder a good source…… Continue reading FREE Writing Resources ~ Freelance Folder

FREE Writing Resources ~ Shadow #Poetry

October 2018 As I mentioned a couple of times, I am integrating my old blog posts into this blog. That means I have a look through all posts and have found an old series about writing resources for free. Most of them are still working and still free so I am sharing them again: July…… Continue reading FREE Writing Resources ~ Shadow #Poetry