There’d Be Days Like This/Da Wird Es Solche Tage Geben

Happy Tuesday dear people of the blogosphere. I so hope you and yours are well and that you do not have to struggle with low energy and a crap mood. I dragged myself through the day clinging to my coffee & tea & daily tasks. “My Mama said, there’ll be days like this” and all…… Continue reading There’d Be Days Like This/Da Wird Es Solche Tage Geben

They Did It Again!

Hello, all you lovely souls out there. I hope you are well on this beautiful Tuesday. I can’t remember when we stumbled over the Travel Beans. I think it might have been via Overlanding Sophia but it doesn’t matter. Emma & Alex are traveling together since 2012 and not only share their travel experiences but…… Continue reading They Did It Again!

Car People

I am not a car person per se. For me, it was always enough that my vehicle has four wheels and has MOT and insurance. The rest didn’t bother me particularly even though I named my car “Shirley” as the little Citroën looked to me like the fat Sheep in “Shaun the Sheep”. However, I…… Continue reading Car People

So Cute

Is it Tuesday again? Good grief, Time flies and we haven’t got any further with our moving plans thanks to the powers that be at Norfolk County Council. But that’s a story for later in the year. If we were younger I suspect we would think about van life and travelling for a while. We…… Continue reading So Cute

Exploring Alternatives

Hideeho peeps, how are you rocking today? I am not rocking just yet but thought I bring you another interesting YouTube channel. It’s called ” Exploring Alternatives” and is the place for you if you are looking into eco-friendly, debt-free living and minimalism. Whenever I watch one of their videos I am astonished how limited…… Continue reading Exploring Alternatives

To Twitter Or Not To Twitter But That’s Not The Question

Well, hello my dear friends, how are you doing? I hope life treats you well despite everything. This morning I heard that Twitter has accepted Elon Musk’s offer to buy the Social Media platform. His mission supposedly is to re- instate freedom of speech but I think what it really means is to let the…… Continue reading To Twitter Or Not To Twitter But That’s Not The Question

Lucky, Who Feels Comfortable In The Forest

Happy Tuesday, all you lovely people. Today, I lead you astray… 😉 No, no of course I won’t but I introduce you to a young woman somewhere in Asia, who grew up foraging in the jungle and now makes a living filming her bushcraft. Please enjoy “Ana Bushcraft” and give a like or even a…… Continue reading Lucky, Who Feels Comfortable In The Forest

We Be Cruising

Hello, all you lovely people. How are you doing? How are you adjusting to all the changes thrown at us faster than ever before? I hope your creativity and outlook on life support you to find good solutions in life. As I said a couple of weeks ago we won’t be cruising. Well, at least…… Continue reading We Be Cruising

This Is Who I am, or is it?

Do you know who you are? I am still not sure but I really enjoy this song. So I thought I share it with you. Happy Tuesday to you all. video credit: Mr Ahmed Soultan via YouTube Please stay safe, stay kind and remember: you rock!

We Are discovering Vloggers

Good evening everybody, how’s it going? I hope you are rocking your life and won’t let anything or anyone get in your way. Since 2020 the best husband and I have increasingly become annoyed with the free tv offerings here in the UK. At first, we were like Statler and Waldorf. I never knew I…… Continue reading We Are discovering Vloggers