Sorry, But I am a Bread Snob!

I mentioned it several times in my blogging life: I am a bread snob. What many in the US and in the UK call “bread” to me is a slab of sawdust, and there are rumours that they use exactly that in industrially produced bread to bulk it up and make it cheaper. But that’s…… Continue reading Sorry, But I am a Bread Snob!

Lyrics, Little Hats & a Love for the Moon

Happy Song Lyric Sunday, all. I hope you are well. Today is a full moon, so I won’t be online much. I love to celebrate the changing moon and to become aware of how the energies change throughout the month. Of course, the moon months are 13 in a year and not 12. The original…… Continue reading Lyrics, Little Hats & a Love for the Moon

Let’s Be Fair, Here’s To You Gentleman Of A Certain Age

Oh gosh, that woman is hilarious. I simply can’t stop laughing and I hope it cheers the gentlemen readers of my blog up too. Video credit: Shirley Serban via YouTube Please stay safe, stay kind & remember it’s aging, men, hallelujah 🤣

Are You Too Old For YouTube?/ Bist Du Zu Alt Für YouTube?

Hello folks, it’s Friday again, but this week I skipped the video. I am currently on a mission to reduce my data in the cloud to reduce my carbon footprint. So I go through all my accounts, download what I don’t need regularly but want to keep to our old laptop, and delete what can…… Continue reading Are You Too Old For YouTube?/ Bist Du Zu Alt Für YouTube?

The Leitrim Chair

Hello Folks, how are you? I hope you and yours are well. We are well, now that the weather is more excellent. Of course, there are new challenges. We live in the middle of a sheep field in an old mobile home, so we have been troubled by one or two…thousand flies, and it’s already…… Continue reading The Leitrim Chair

Three  Things To Watch This Bankholiday

Hello everybody and happy May bank holiday. I hope it is nice weather and you can go out and have some fun. However, if you can’t, or the weather doesn’t play ball, I have three suggestions to watch this bank holiday Monday. But you can watch these any other time too. The first is a…… Continue reading Three  Things To Watch This Bankholiday

Viewers Discretion Is Adviced/Nicht Jugendfrei

Happy Sunday, All. I hope you forgive me for using a slightly rude song today and some scarcely glad girls. They are good singers, though, and one of them fits the bill both for Jim’s Song Lyric Sunday and Glyn’s Mixed Music Bag. Jim asked for a hip hop rap musician, and Glyn for someone…… Continue reading Viewers Discretion Is Adviced/Nicht Jugendfrei

Hammer Time Poetry/Hammer Zeit Gedicht

Today’s poem is about making a home safe that needs lots of renovation and some images of bad hair. LOL. Enjoy. Please stay safe, stay kind and remember you rock! Video credit: The Bee Writes… via YouTube Im heutigen Gedicht geht es darum, ein Zuhause sicher zu machen, das viel Renovierung braucht und einige…… Continue reading Hammer Time Poetry/Hammer Zeit Gedicht

Who thought…

…Liza Minnelli was a Disco artist? Well, I have that information from Wikipedia, and we all know that they are not always accurate. It’s also only one song. You know, the one with the Pet Shop Boys back from the late 1980s. No, you are not losing your mind, but apparently, she did, and the…… Continue reading Who thought…

Come And See My Sky/Komm Und Sieh Meinen Himmel

Hello, dear readers; how are you? We hope you are well and, if not, that you get all the help that you need. Today I have a bit of a treat for you. The weather was glorious, and we shared our view and the sky, which fascinates me so much with one of my poems.… Continue reading Come And See My Sky/Komm Und Sieh Meinen Himmel