Happy Days In Norfolk?

Hello everybody, I hope you and yours are well. It is astonishing how many vloggers we have discovered in recent months and how much joy they bring. Today I introduce you to Janine & Liam who travel in a converted Removals van. At the beginning of 2022 they travelled in the area where we live.…… Continue reading Happy Days In Norfolk?

Summer Hermit

Today I share with you a very interesting video. Norm Nakamura of ” Tokyo Lens” went into bear infested Japanese mountains to visit the last inhabitant of a village that can’t be reached anymore. It is one of the most interesting videos I ever watched. Please check it out and give Norm a like and…… Continue reading Summer Hermit

Car People

I am not a car person per se. For me, it was always enough that my vehicle has four wheels and has MOT and insurance. The rest didn’t bother me particularly even though I named my car “Shirley” as the little Citroën looked to me like the fat Sheep in “Shaun the Sheep”. However, I…… Continue reading Car People

With Elan To The High Seas?

Hello, good people of the blogosphere. How are you? I hope you and yours are well. We are in the middle of a packing & organising spree as we got the completion date at last. But that’s part of another blog post. Today, I introduce you to another brave soul who has chosen a different…… Continue reading With Elan To The High Seas?

Another Cheerful Young Lady

When we started to research Ireland we stumbled over cheerful Laura Barton. She is a part-time travel vlogger who currently travels in Europe. However, in the pandemic she travelled her native Ireland and I just love her upbeat presentation of her travels. Please check her out and give a like or even a follow if…… Continue reading Another Cheerful Young Lady

More Portugal For You

One couple we absolutely love to watch is Luke & Sarah who bought some land a couple of years ago. Sarah is just so positive and brings a lot of humor into their video’s. Please enjoy their summary of the first four years of homesteading. Also as always please give them a like or even…… Continue reading More Portugal For You

So Cute

Is it Tuesday again? Good grief, Time flies and we haven’t got any further with our moving plans thanks to the powers that be at Norfolk County Council. But that’s a story for later in the year. If we were younger I suspect we would think about van life and travelling for a while. We…… Continue reading So Cute

Let’s Go To Portugal

I have started to wonder if the universe wants us to go to Portugal. Somehow, YouTube continuously suggest to us homesteaders in that lovely country even though we are researching Ireland. Never mind. One of the first we started watching were Lea & Maarten at ” Our Portuguese Homestead”. They are a lovely Dutch (I…… Continue reading Let’s Go To Portugal

Many A Hack

So I haven’t shared any new vlogger with you recently. Mainly because we haven’t found anyone interesting for a while and I am not particularly organised at the moment. Yes, selling house & moving has that effect on people 🤣. So who do I have for you today? Today I take you deep into the…… Continue reading Many A Hack

Happy Platinum Anniversary

Wow, her royal highness Queen Elizabeth II is one hell of a woman, I think. Yes, there is all that being priviledged and she was a bit too traditional with marrying her first-born son of to “someone suitable”. But doing a job for 70 years is quite something. And I think being in the limelight…… Continue reading Happy Platinum Anniversary