A Wordless Walk

These are the few pictures I took on our long walk on Sunday. It was so nice to find the roses and the chestnut. And I felt the love when I saw the row of leaves that look like hearts. Sherky was very very interested in the squirrels but she doesn't pull anymore like she… Continue reading A Wordless Walk

Re-blog: Jolly Monday — Just a Few Laughs #bloglove

Hi peeps, please head over to Filosofa and get your happy fix for the week. And if you don’t follow her yet change it please. She is one of the most inspiring and caring people I know. Happy Monday to you all, despite everything! 🙋‍♀️🐝

Filosofa's Word

Last evening I said to Jolly that maybe we’d need to take a hiatus from Jolly Monday this week, for I really wasn’t in the mood.  Jolly, however, was having none of it!

jolly“Gwammie … NO!  Our fwiends need us more den ever now, ‘cause it’s scawy and sad and we needs to make ‘em laugh.  Pwease, Gwammie, PWEASE?”

Well, how can I resist the little guy when he puts it that way, when he cares so much about all of you?  And so, between us, we will use all our wiles and charms to try to make you laugh this morning!  Grab a donut or piece of fruit, and settle in for a few minutes with me ‘n Jolly.

Toilet paper anyone?

Toilet paper, or loo paper for my UK readers, is on the minds of just about everybody today.  Imagine one woman’s shock, though, when she ordered a…

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