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I Want You ~ LL Cool J ( adult content) & Prompt for February Third, 23 ~”Love Is In Da Blog 2023.” (Bi-lingual this year English/German)

Hello, Love Is In Da Bloggers; I got us a proper challenge with this one, didn’t I? Well, I was challenged. I was a teenager in the 1980s when the second generation of rap & hip-hop artists brought the music style into the mainstream. Many do not consider either (sometimes they are used interchangeably, I…

Welcome to “The Bee Writes…”. Please sit down, have a cuppa of your favourite beverage and enjoy the posts of my collaborators and me.

If I try to summarize myself I would say I am a

Seeker of wisdom.

It’s lovely that you are here and I hope you’ll find something interesting to take some joy with you when you leave “The Bee Writes…”. Feel free to ask me anything via thebeecreates(at)gmail.com, and let us know your thoughts about the topics we cover.

And I am always open to guest posts about books, poetry, sustainability and self-improvement, and if you want to contribute regularly, you are welcome to become a collaborator. Am looking forward to meeting you!

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