Re-post: I wonder why people become poets and writers

August 2022

I still wonder and if you feel to share your story about how you became a blogger, writer, poet then let me know 🤗

August 2017

I wondered in 2011 why people started to write and asked for guest posts. I still wonder about it: so if you want to share why you write feel free to contact me and I promise a link to your blog and/or social media!

July 2011

Lately, I was thinking a lot about why I am writing and when I started.

For me, it always seemed to have been a natural thing. As soon as I started writing normal sentences I got a diary and started. A bit later I wrote letters to friends and I was a big fan of all those pen-friend organisations. I was eleven when I started writing my first letters in English. Some years later I had that urge to rhyme and poems emerged. And then in my twenties the idea I need to write a fantasy-novel. There were times when I thought to become a journalist but that kind of writing seems to me to be too restrained.
I am not sure if I do a good job with what I write but I do not exactly care anymore. I enjoy it. That is the main thing.

But what about you out there? Why did you start to write and what is it for you? Natural thing? Urge? Enjoyment? Would you mind to tell me in my comment box? Or would you like to write a guest post?

Please send suggestions for guest posts to my E-mail with the subject “Why I write ~ Guest post”

4 thoughts on “Re-post: I wonder why people become poets and writers

  1. It was Hubby’s idea for me to start as he thought I’d enjoy it. That was way back in 2013 so I’m coming up for my 9th Blogaversary. I never anticipated it would take off the way it did after a few months, let alone set challenges or ‘meet’ so many lovely people in the blogosphere.

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