Re-post: Educating Bee/ Bee lehren

November 2022

And vlogs weren’t even invented yet. Holy Moly how far all this has come!

June 2017

I had a look into it and decided it’s not for me :-).


January 2011

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and I never realised that writing a blog can actually be your income.

I am naturally interested in all forms of professional writing as I do write poetry and as a teenager wanted to become a journalist. But it never occurred to me that something fun like writing a blog could be a job. There are jobs like journalists and writers and poets all tough jobs as you have to stay every day and never have the security of a regular salary that stays mainly the same.

But there are actually people who write blogs for others – for businesses for example. There are also people who earn their money with their own blogs.

Has obviously a lot to do with marketing and how to sell yourself the best. And also a lot with knowing how the blogosphere works and how to use html and links. It seems like you can only be a successful professional blogger if you know about your subject and probably as well about your audience.

Well I am obviously pretty naive but there is a whole new world for me to explore and I am looking forward to it.

November 2022

Und vlogs waren damals noch nicht mal erfunden. Meine Güte, wie weit wir seither gekommen sind.

Juni 2017

Ich habe mich damit auseindergesetzt und beschlossen, es ist nix fuer mich 🙂
January 2011
Habe viele Blogs gelesen in letzter Zeit und habe nie mitbekommen, dass man professionell bloggen kann.
Ich schreibe Gedichte und wollte als Teenager Journalist werden und bin deshalb an allen Formen professionellen Schreibens interessiert. Aber es ist mir nie in den Sinn gekommen, dass etwas, das so Spass macht ein Beruf sein kann. Da gibt es Journalisten und Autoren und Dichter alles schwere Jobs, weil man taeglich kreative sein muss und niemals ein geregeltes Einkommen hat.
Aber da gibt es tatsaechlich Leute, die zum Beispiel Blogs fuer andere fuer deren Geschaeft schreiben. Da gibt es auch Leute, die mit ihrem eigenen Blog Geld verdienen. Hat offensichtlich eine Menge mit Marketing zu tun und wie man sich selbst am besten verkauft. Es hat auch eine Menge mit dem Wissen, wie die Blogosphaere funktioniert und wie man html und links nutzt, zu tun.
Es scheint mir ausserdem, dass man nur ein erfolgreicher professioneller Blogger sein kann wenn man sein Thema in und auswendig kennt und vielleicht auch seine Leser.
Tja ich bin wohl ziemlich naiv aber da gibt es ganze neue Welt fuer mich zu entdecken und ich freue mich drauf!

9 thoughts on “Re-post: Educating Bee/ Bee lehren

  1. I’ve been considering ways to do this as well and am still on the fence. I wouldd efinitely want to hand pick any advertisers on my site!! Still, I cannot fathom how people manage to make six figure incomes just by blogging!

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    1. I have given up. My blogging is much too personal I think and much to all over the place to attract enough income. Never mind. The supermarket keeps a good employee this way ;-). Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I have no desire to monetize my blog. I want to keep it ad-free, don’t want people to turn away because they tire of being asked for money, and … I want the freedom to write what I wish, the viewpoints I wish, and to not write when I don’t feel like it. I think that you no longer completely own your blog when you monetize it. But, that’s just me.

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      1. My reward is the people I’ve met through my blogging experience, and the feeling that maybe something I say makes a small difference, somehow. To me, those things have far more value than money.

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      2. True, but I think I’d still keep my blog as it is and try writing articles for publication in various journals and magazines, or if all else failed, see if I could get a job tending bar somewhere or waiting tables. Some things in life we just need to keep … unadulterated, untarnished by material things. Or, I may be an idiot! That’s a very real possibility, too! 🤣

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