I Lost It All!!!! Mallory Screamed!!!!

Hi friends, I have just written a whole episode of Mallory’s and Bianca’s travels, and good old WP didn’t save it. Usually, I write it in Google Drive first. That’ll teach me!!! It’s ten PM, and I am tired, but I want to keep the schedule up. So guys and gals. Not much reading but some video watching!!!!!!


I want to mention one thing: The story does live in an alternate universe where we do not have to bother with COVID. Political and environmental issues are similar to our reality, but all is made up. Please forgive me 

Please check out here if you missed the previous virtual travel adventure instalments.

“I lost it all!” Mallory screamed! “What?!” Bianca jumped off the bed and ran towards her friend. “I lost my post! A whole fu….. post!” Mallory sobbed. “How can that happen?” “It didn’t autosave because the internet isn’t great here!” Mallory answered, closing the lid of her laptop. “I can’t believe it! I always double-save everything. But I’m tired and thought it would work. Surely not all could go!!!” “But it did…” Bianca said. “Yes, it did”. “Well, it’s late. Let’s watch the videos I found about Vietnam and what we might want to see on our phones. What do you think?” Mallory made a face. “Well, I am not writing another post now. I can’t concentrate. I Might as well distract myself. Oh, the glamorous life of a blogger!!!!!” She sighed and got up. Together the two women went to their beds and started scrolling on their phones…”

I have no rights to these videos. Please, like, give a follow or support the creators in any way you can. Thanks!

video credit: Ollie Bye via YouTube
Video credit: Tim & Fin via YouTube
video credit: National Geographic via YouTube

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember to save and don’t trust the autosave!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “I Lost It All!!!! Mallory Screamed!!!!

  1. You have my deepest sympathies there.
    WP is prone to this. If I find myself writing more than five lines I stop go…’uh-ho’ and then continue on a Word Doc (saved) to Copy & Paste…even then that is prone to ‘issues’.

    Hope your Christmas Day is as you hoped.
    Best wishes

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    1. Thanks very much. I usually write everything in Google Drive then let it rest. Then put it up and schedule it directly. Or I copy it from WP before I move from the post. I was tired last night and thought “Ah, it will be fine!” Famous last words 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

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