Stream of Consciousness Saturday is here and hears

The first thing that came into mind when I read Linda’s prompt for these weeks “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” was the British parliament. It is quite an interactive one and it always makes me laugh:

When ministers or politicians hold a speech and they say something their fellow party members agree with many of them shout “hear, hear”. I am used to the pretty silent and organised German parliament where they sit and listen quietly and probably just whisper with their neighbours. Seeing the British parliament on telly makes me feel like being in a comedy. Mind you, some of the politicians’ actions and decisions are more a comedy than serious decision making.

But they say: “Don’t talk about politics, sex or religion”. Bugger! The best topics here are taken away from me…. 😉


This entry takes part in Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday “hear/here“. Please head over and find more amazing SoCS posts. If you are tempted to take part: Here are the rules 

14 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday is here and hears

    1. Thanks very much :-). In German they say: In der Kuerze liegt die Wuerze” which literally means “there is spice in being short” ~ That short one did it for me this time 😉


  1. In medical a cardinal rule is don’t talk politics or religion with your patients. Sex is a taboo topic of course! Most of my female patients watched soaps so in spite of myself I followed them, knew everything going on that left us plenty to talk about!


  2. Ahhh…politicians. I think my dad said it best. He once told me that they were a “sorry lot, the whole bunch of them.” I think maybe it’s true in other countries, too?


  3. I know nothing about Canadian politicians besides that mayor that had some trouble with drugs 😉 but I suspect they are the same everywhere. Thanks for stopping by


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