A Rebel For Life ~ A Question of Urgency ~ Stick Head in the Sand

Here we go again

Rebels with an urgent cause

Let’s go and party

Yesterday, I encouraged you to take one step to become more sustainable. To me, that feels a more appropriate way to inspire action. However, I am a member of Extinction Rebellion, and they disagree. 

In this updated talk, that explains the climate crisis, and what Extinction Rebellion stands for and how they act, they say individual action isn’t enough anymore. We need to stand together and put pressure on our governments to put their money where their mouth is:

video credit: Extinction Rebellion via YouTube

I suspect, in the end, it doesn’t matter, how you get motivated to do something as long as you do something. 

Now the end is near

See writing on this planet

Let us go shopping

On blogger, I falsely wrote at first that the news didn’t mention the September Rebellion. However, when I checked the YouTube Channel of Extinction Rebellion, I saw it mentioned on BBC London, Sky and Channel 4. So there are already some reports. And I suspect it will rise. 

To me, this pandemic is earth allowing us to change our ways. Most countries have to build their economies up from the bottom. Best opportunity to do it in a way that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. But it doesn’t look to me like governments take this opportunity. They say they do, but words are dust in the wind. Only actions count. 

video credit: BBC ideas via YouTube

To me, this pandemic also shows how fast humanity can change if the political will is there. If the media tell the truth about a situation, the populace follows. But neither media nor governments tell us the truth about the climate crisis. They probably fear they lose their power. But they will anyway. When the floods, storms, heatwaves with hunger and illnesses will overpower us, there will be civil unrest. 

We know a long time

crisis is already here

no one connects dots

What I do not get is that we do not seem to realise how action makes our lives better:

1. Drive less ~ the air is better & you save money. 

2. Need less stuff ~ there is less rubbish destroying your community & you save money. 

3. Use less water & electricity ~ big corporations lose power & you save money

4. Act politically to change the current toxic systems ~ the world will be a better place & hopefully you save money 😉

video credit: Going Green via YouTube

Yes, buying organic and from local shops could be more expensive but I believe it would be balanced with savings in other areas. And in my experience, it’s not necessarily more expensive. Also, the products last longer because they haven’t travelled so long, so you have to throw away less and save in that regard. 

Our heads in sand

won’t stop the children’s questions

What answers are you going to give?

I can only urge you to re-think your life-style and opinions about the climate crisis. What you do about it is entirely up to you. 

Actions you can do today to make a difference:

  1. Use Ecosia as your search engine. They grow trees for you.
  2. Join 1 Million Women to find more ideas to save this planet
  3. Join Extinction Rebellion to get the bigger picture
  4. Join the Online Rebellion (UK). You do not need to go on the street to be a rebel. 
  5. Join and/or support a tree-planting organisation
  6. Join “We don’t have time” to create your own climate action

Tomorrow I’ll tell you what changes we as a family have made since we joined Extinction Rebellion last year. 

Please find some more ideas what you can do today in this blog post.

Thanks my dears, for staying with me until the end.

I appreciate your presence.

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember

that you rock!

video credit: Extinction Rebellion via YouTube

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