Welcome, Kayla, to “The Bee Writes…”

Dear readers, today I am excited to introduce you to Kayla DeVault who has kindly reached out to contribute to “The Bee Writes…”.

I have to say, I am a little lost for words as there is so much to say about this wonderful human being. One of her posts on Instagram give you a little insight what she is all about:

Kayla is of Shawnee/Anishinaabe and European heritage and is an ambassador for understanding the indigenous people’s point of view as well as using sustainable Energy. Besides being a sports person (she holds and TeamUS inline hockey gold medal), she was a SustainUS COP22 delegate and works as a research assistant for the Diné Policy Institute while pursuing a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and tribal energy policy.

She also publishes a lot on several platforms. I have re-posted her blogpost “Your Privilege Is Showing” last year. There is so much more to say about her, but I fear I am getting things wrong, so I leave you with some links that let you get to know her much better than I can put in words.

Kayla on Instagram

Kayla on Twitter

Interview with Kayla on Heritage Voices

Kayla on SustainUS

Kayla at The Good Men Project

Her first post will appear a little later today here on “The Bee Writes…”

Dear Kayla,

thank you very much for contributing to “The Bee Writes…”. I feel honoured that we’ll be able to learn about issues that we are currently not able to understand because we were not taught about the point of view of first peoples.

I am curious to find out more and hope to develop more respect and more knowledge about indigenous people and their culture. Thank you so much for your work for a more integrated and sustainable world. We need you 🙂

Yours Bee and the readers of “The Bee Writes…”

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