I Am Not A Minimalist BUT…

15 thoughts on “I Am Not A Minimalist BUT…”

  1. How wonderful!! Been there as you know, so can appreciate the change, getting rid of stuff and being in a smaller space. But the life…………. oh the life Bee! The people are wonderful, everyone has something in common, a boat. You will be surprised how you adapt. Enjoy!!!!

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  2. I wish we have gotten rid of more of our stuff. I will be working on it when the weather cools down here. I did not want a mortgage anymore either. It is good when your monthly expenses are decreased. I like having a smaller house with less to do with cleaning and yard work. Good luck with your new adventure.

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  3. Your plan makes a lot of sense and I admire how you’re thinking outside the box. There are many advantages to being debt-free and reducing your co2 footprint is a bonus. I’m reminded of the old song, “Give Me the Simple Life.”

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