Summer is coming

This week Bee has given me the poetry prompt, summer is coming. And that it certainly is!

So with that, here is my little poem about it!

summer is coming
its barbecue season
yummy scrumptious treats
icecream cones
long walks on the beach
picnics on the sand
fun in the sun
long, hot sunny days
being outside, makes life fun
noisy children
noisier animals
all having fun in the sun
oh summer
do stay a while
allow us to be happy and content
keep those warmer days coming
long hot sunshiny days
let us dance
revel in the summer months

2 thoughts on “Summer is coming

    1. Thanks for the poem and the re-blogg. Hope you have a great summer’s day today. It’s cold here and cloudy so not much summer for us. But at least the plants do not dry out easily. Hugs Bee


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