#frapalymo Nov17 ~ #poem/#Gedicht no 4

You can find the English part after the photo.

Heute dichten wir zum zweiten Teil des Doppelimpulses, den Ihr hier finden koennt.


Wohlstand                          Armut

Gehirnwaschen                  Lehren

Behuetung                         Missbrauch

Ungerechtigkeit                  Gerechtigkeit

Grosszuegigkeit                 Gier

Ausbeutung                        Schutz

Wahrheit                             Illusion

Zwei Gesichter der  Zivilisation?

Today’s prompt is the second part of the double prompt and is “Substantiv” which translates as “noun” according to Leo.dic.

Feel free to add your own creation. You have to add your link to the comments though as my blog is now self-hosted and ping-backs do not necessarily work. I will share your poem on social media. Have fun!


Wealth             poverty

Brainwash       teaching

Protection       abuse

Injustice           justice

Generosity      greed

Exploitation     protection

Truth               Illusion

Two faces of civilisation?

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