Blast from the Past: #20 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Robin (explicit)

Ah, I still hate this song but love the birds 😉

I was doing a poetry project from June 2014 to May 2015. I asked my readers to give me a prompt and I wrote a poem about it. It was working rather well in the beginning but very soon I ran out of readers and prompts. However, I was not giving up and changing it into posting a poem a day and finding an interesting prompt myself. I look fondly back to that time and even have started to write a poem a day at the end of last year. But most of them won’t see any publishing. But here number 20  of the old “A Prompt A Day for Bee”:

My prompt today was given by life itself :-).

Since a few days, I am constantly visited by robins. At first, an adult robin started to pop up everywhere from our bird feeder to greeting me when I came home from work and it flew directly in front of my car.

I visited one of our neighbours and she has a robin nesting in her flower box beside the house door. 6 – 8 little mouths opened up and asked us for food when we had a peek in. So cute.

Of course, the lady can’t change the flower arrangements for the time being because momma robin is not pleased ;-). Never before have I realised how beautifully red a robins chest it.

At least the one around our house is. I need to take pictures of it to show you. Well, as it popped up so clearly in my life I had a look at the shamanic animal spirit meaning of Robin and as it happens the little bird is a sign of renewal, spring and growth.

Renewal and growth are what I am seeing in my life and Mr or Mrs robin just emphasises that. But they are also supposed to be good guides in the year to come. Therefore, I chose the robin as my “A Prompt A Day For Bee” today:


You are not thicke

neither is your song stupid.

I much rather listen to you

than to any

Tom, T.I or Pharrell.

At least

you convey wisdom

and not blurred lines.

Ups, that was not planned at all!
When I was thinking about the bird Robin Thicke’s name popped up in my mind and I remembered that infamous song that I find really silly. I very much doubt his wife wanted him to publish and perform it but that is another story. Well, that is how it goes sometimes. Out of nowhere a belated comment to a controversial video appeared. Quite funny though….

copyright: Thicke Parody – Defined lines (Auckland Uni Blurred Lines Parody) via SuperShortComedy on YouTube

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