So The Music Channel IS Actually Playing Music

The universe is good to me…

It might seem trivial to you that I like a channel that calls itself “Channel4 Music” actually plays music and not any amount of so-called comedies.

Ok, I do like the American version of “Wipe Out” but that’s about it. Why have the word “Music” in your channel description when 3/4 of your air time is stupid serials?

Do I over react? Of course, I do! But I am through with the menopause and I can afford to over react about whatever I want to. Get over it! Women of a certain age simply don’t care that much anymore. Just ask Aunty Acid.

Well, Channel4Music currently has technical problems and plays “The Box” on a loop. Heaven is a place in a Music Channel that actually plays music… (even if it’s Coldplay)

Please stay safe, stay kind and watch whatever you please on the telly

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